The 6watch project aims to develop an IPv6 monitoring system that will track IPv6 address allocations, IPv6 routing announcements, the topological connectivity of IPv6-capable networks, and IPv6 reachability in the data plane, all at the global scale. Each of these metrics is useful in tracking IPv6 deployment, and the combination of control plane and data plane metrics has the potential to provide a comprehensive overview of IPv6 deployment successes and obstacles.

Our goal is to establish this website as the "goto" website for IPv6 deployment which can (1) provide the latest snapshot of IPv6 rollout; (2) help identify open issues and potential obstacles to facilitate IPv6 deployment; and (3) cumulate pointers to other related efforts and information sources.  To achieve (1) and (2) we are moving forward with the following specific tasks.

  • cyclops6: this is cyclops for IPv6, which provides information on AS level connectivity and BGP routing information over the AS topology.
  • topo6: this is BGP data collection for IPv6, including all historical IPv6 routing data since the beginning of RouteViews and RIPE's BGP data collection.